Your feedback is important.

If you have used any 4YP services, or know someone who has, we would appreciate if you could complete a 4YP evaluation form.

It's really easy to do. Simply click on the relevant link below to give your feedback online. It only takes a few minutes.

You could also fill in a paper copy by dropping into 4YP, or requesting one by email at

YP Eval Online







For example, if you have attended any of our groups or activities, had counselling, done some volunteering with us, or came to us for advice or information (including on the telephone or online).


.PC Eval Online.






If you are a parent, carer, or other family member of a young person who has used any of 4YP's services, or you have received advice yourself (e.g. how you can support a young person, or about local services).

Many thanks for taking the time to complete our evaluation form(s).

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