Top Tips for NCS Groups

4YP welcomes enquiries from NCS groups doing social action projects. Don't know what NCS is? Check out their website.

The advice below has been put together to help with your planning, and may even be useful if you decide to support other charities.


For Leaders:

Contact us at the start of your programme (or earlier). We know there's no guaruntee your groups will choose 4YP but if we know in advance when they might be doing their social action projects, we can be prepared. Call on 01473 252607 or email

Safety is important. Please send 4YP your contact details and a copy of your insurance documents covering the participants on your programme.

Ensure teams are aware of some of the basic rules of fundraising, such as not being able to shake/approach people with collection buckets and acquiring appropriate permits. Details of permits can be acquired from local councils, such as these guidelines from Ipswich Borough Council.


For Teams

Contact us as soon as possible, even if you're still considering which charities to choose. This gives us time to work out how you can best help us.

We're always in need of fundraising support. If you're able to do this for your project, we'd appreciate it. You are welcome to ask us what our current priorities are, and raise money to support something specific.

If you're creating a new email address for your group/social action project, keep checking it even after you've finished. We might be trying to contact you, to thank you for your support.

Avoid using GoFundMe. It's great for individuals, but organisations (including charities) can't access it. Instead, we recommend creating a Virgin Money Giving donation page and linking to 4YP's account.

Are you planning an event with prizes? A draw, raffle, or quiz? Ask us if we have anything we can donate. We'd be happy to contribute if we can.

If you're asking shops for prizes, we can provide you with an official letter from 4YP,. IMPORTANT: Don't forget the thank any donors after your event, and let them know how much you've raised.

If you plan to collect donations, you may need a permit. Check with the local council. Please note, these can take up to 4 weeks to process.

Take lots of photographs. Share them on social media. Link to 4YP. We like to shout about how you're supporting us.

Twitter: @4_yp

Facebook: @suffolk4yp (you may need to type Suffolk Young People's Health Project)





Lots more fundraising tips are available in the How to Fundraise for 4YP guide. Download it here.

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