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1. We regularly host short, simply surveys to help us - and other organisations in Suffolk - develop and improve services to support you, based on the information young people give us.  These can be done online, or we can send you paper copies on request.

Visit the 4YP survey results page.

2. We also occasionally host short polls - one question surveys - asking for your opinion on, for example, a current news item or something we're planning at 4YP.

Visit our polls results page.

3. In November and December 2017, 4YP was asked to run a series of pilots to test data-collection methods.

View the YIF Pilots results page.


Current survey:

Young people's feedback on 4YP's services:

Closes 11:45pm, 28 February 2018.


Why we're doing it

FootballYour answers to 4YP surveys will be kept anonymous.  This information helps us understand what health and wellbeing support in Suffolk is working or not,  andwhat is missing.  These surveys are YOUR chance to tell us what needs to change.


BasketballIf you have any questions about this, or would like a paper copy of any survey we are running, please call 01473 252607, or send us an email.

Thank you for completing our surveys.

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