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Privacy Notice for Data Sharing with YIF Organisations

Effective 26 July 2018

In March 2017, 4YP was awarded three years of support from the Youth Investment Fund (YIF) offered by the Big Lottery Fund and Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.  This funding helps us provide a lot of the drop-in and youth work activities at 4YP.

From July 2018 until March 2020, we are one of 90 organisations in the UK who will be collecting data.  Comparing this data may help us improve our services, and better understand the reach and impact of open access youth provision like 4YP so young people can be even better supported in the future.

The results of this may even help us attract more funding in the future, to continue 4YP’s services and help even more young people.  So, we thank you for your cooperation.

What data are we collecting?

4YP already collects some personal information about you – remember when you completed a registration and consent form?
This include personal details such as your name, date of birth, address, gender, etc.  This information is stored on our secure databases and helps us monitor how well we’re doing.

For the YIF project, we will collect and share only specific data from specific activities.  Using a service at 4YP does not automatically mean we’ll share your data.

4YP will share the following personal data (date of birth/age, gender, ethnicity, postcode, date you first registered with us), as well as information on what services you attend and how often you attend.

We will also share anonymous feedback to questions we specifically ask on your experience of attending our services/activities.
What happens to the data?

Reason Digital have created a website, the YIF Impact Tool.  This is where the data will be entered by 4YP.  This data will made anonymous before being analysed.

Impact has been created with data security in mind: the secure AWS servers are based in Ireland and it uses encrypted passwords.
To protect your anonymity, Impact will create an ID code/number, ensuring that your name is not shared with NPC.

The information will be stored for up to six years on the Digital platform and may be retained by NPC for six years after completion of the YIF learning project (March 2020).

Who is my data being shared with?

NPC and the Centre for Youth Impact.  They’re leading on the project and will be analysing the data.  Your data will be mixed in with everyone else around the UK involved in this project, so you can’t be identified from it.

Reason Digital won’t access your data, but they do maintain the website.

NPC will only request information about 4YP’s activities and young people’s attendance data from Reason Digital, so it can be analysed.  They won’t know what specific activities you attended.

What information will be shared with NPC?
The only personal details NPC will get is: anonymous ID number (created automatically by Impact); postcode; date of birth; ethnicity; date first registered; gender.

Through analysis, this will enable NPC to:

  • Understand the types of young people attending different types of open access activities/ programmes (but not to judge anyone!)
  • Compare how young people engage and feel about different services and the difference these services make on their lives
  • NPC may also provide access to this data with their authorised research partners (see below) only to help with anonymous analysis.

List of YIF research partners

  • Centre for Youth Impact
  • Reason Digital (Owners of the IMPACT digital platform)
  • New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), partnering with the following:
  • BPSR
  • Dartington Service Design
  • Keystone
  • Renaisi, Nottingham Trent University

4YP’s promise to you:

  • Only the people you trust at 4YP will be able to collect and enter the data we put on Impact – 4YP staff each have our own password to make sure it’s really safe
  • The data we enter is only accessible to these trusted people with passwords at 4YP and Reason Digital, because they are the company responsible for maintaining the website
  • We will only collect and share what is necessary
  • Wherever possible, data shared will be anonymous
  • It will not be possible for you to be identified by any data or comments in the final report
  • Your rights

4YP protects your rights and data.

As explained the 4YP Privacy Notice you can ask to see, amend and/or delete the information collected about you at any time.  This includes shared data.

From 26 July 2018, we have incorporated the sharing of data, as explained above, into the 4YP consent forms.

To know what data about you is on the Impact website, please send an email to Reason Digital’s programme manager:

To see a copy of Reason Digital’s Privacy Policy please visit:

NPC’s full privacy policy can be accessed here Alternatively, you can contact the Programme manager by emailing or calling 020 7620 4850.