You may not have heard of the name 'Global', but they run a lot of your faviourite radio stations, such as Heart, Smooth, Gold, X FM, and Classic FM. They also run a charity called Global's Make Some Noise. They use their expertise and radio stations to help small local charities - like 4YP - tell people what we do.

So, over the next few months, you'll hear us on Heart East Anglia.

Global recognises how important 4YP's support for young people is, and that's why they're helping us. They will also be fundraising to support our counselling service, which really makes a difference to lives in Suffolk.

This is a wonderful opportunity, and we're very grateful to be part of the campaign.

Read more about the campaign on the Global Make Some Noise website.



Make Some Noise

Do you like to be silly?  Maybe you're a fan of wearing wacky outfits or fancy dress?

Then why not help us make some noise!

On 7th October, it's Make Some Noise Day - wear your craziest, most colourful, loudest clothes and accessories. And tell us about it - we'd love to hear from you!

If you're happy to share your photos of you and your pals dressed up in your wacky outfits, email them to and we'll put them on the 4YP Twitter and Facebook pages.

Find out more about Make Some Noise Day at