4YP is a charity. We provide services to local young people for free. However, 4YP receives no funding direct from central government, which means we are extremely grateful for all the fundraising of our supporters.

Help with a CollectionYou can get involved in a number of ways, giving as little or as much time as you please. It's all valuable to 4YP and makes a big difference to the wellbeing of young people.

Below we offer an introduction to fundraising. If you would like to know more, or have any questions, please contact Karl on 01473 252607 or by emailing

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Tips for Successful Fundraising

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Plan a Fundraiser

Do you have a passion?  Maybe singing, dancing, baking, cycling...

Almost anything you like to do can be a fundraiser. Maybe you could give a performance for donations? Or hold a competition?  Or do something fun, challenging, or unique and get sponsored.

Bike Ride

There are also plenty of traditional fundraising ideas that are always popular - car boot sale, cake sales, raffles, guess the name of the teddy. And still the most popular - a quiz night! (We can even help you with the questions.)

Remember, it's always more fun (and less work) to organise as a team, so ask your friends and family to help out.

Check out the fundraisers coming up.

Get Sharing

Social media is a really helpful way to share information about activities, successes, events, and reports on issues affecting young people.

Can you share our posts to help reach more people, and help 4YP make a bigger impact?

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Mels2854YP welcomes support from enthusiastic people like you who can help out at events and support us and other fundraisers.

For example, we might be handing out flyers at the park, or packing bags for donations at a local supermarket.

If you can dedicate even one hour, we'd appreciate it.

Please let us know. Call 01473 252607 or email

We can then let you know when we need your help.  You can also join our mailing list for newsletters, alerts and updates.

4YP Welcomes Local Business & Corporate Support

Does your company have a Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR) initiative or Charity of the Year?

Maybe you're clearing out some old furniture of IT equipment.  Or even have some expertise you think may be helpful to 4YP, such as PR, design, carpentry, etc.

Corporate partnerships are great sources of raising awareness and donations, and a fantastic way to boost your companies image in the community.

Please get in contact, we'd be very happy to discuss ideas.

<h3>Do You Shop Online?</h3>
<p>If so, your purchases could generate a donation to 4YP at no additional cost to you.</p>
<p>Simply register with <a title="TheGivingMachine" href="/fundraising/TGM/#TheGivingMachine">TheGivingMachine</a> or <a title="iStreet" href="/fundraising/iStreet/#iStreet">iStreet</a> and shop as usual.</p>
<p><em>Perfect for when you're getting in all those birthday and Christmas gifts.</em></p>
<p><strong>See our pages for <a title="TheGivingMachine" href="/fundraising/TGM/#TheGivingMachine">TheGivingMachine</a>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<a title="iStreet" href="/fundraising/iStreet/#iStreet">iStreet</a>&nbsp;for more information.</strong></p>
<p><strong><a title="TGM" href="" target="_blank"><img src="assets/Fundraising/_resampled/resizedimage600105-2017-06-14-TGM-Shop-Online-Banner.png" alt="TGM" title="TGM" width="600" height="105" /></a><br /></strong></p>

Do You Shop Online?

Your purchases could generate a donation to 4YP at no additional cost to you.

Simply register with TheGivingMachine or iStreet and shop as usual.

Perfect for when you're getting in all those birthday and Christmas gifts.

See our pages for TheGivingMachine or iStreet for more information.


When you're ready to have a go at fundraising for 4YP - either by taking part in an established event, or organising your own - we'd love to hear from you.

We may be able to offer advice, support, materials and help promote what you're doing.

Equally, we appreciate any time you can offer as a volunteer to help other fundraisers as they support 4YP. Let us know what you're interested in and we can put you in touch.

Contact Karl, our Business and Marketing Coordinator on 01473 252607 or  send him an email on
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